November and December may be the best months for donations, with almost one-third of annual giving taking place in December.  And if you rely on volunteer support, you probably have the happy problem of more volunteers than ways to utilize them.

But what happens to all that interest after December 31?


It doesn’t have to be that way.  Stay front and center with your supporters this summer.  Communication shouldn’t go on vacation.

With the exception of spring fundraisers, it’s typically pretty quiet from January through summer.  So how do you stay in front of your supporters when they’re busy planning and enjoying summer vacations?



Create a summer campaign for your organization’s community of donors and volunteers to follow and outline ways they can EASILY help during the summer (after all, it’s the lazy, hazy days of summer).  Don’t be shy about letting supporters to know that you need support during the summer and not just at the holidays!

Create a special day of the week for July or August when you ask supporters to follow and share among their social communities to ask for small donations or to generate new followers. Task a small group of junior board members or volunteers with getting things started on their social networks.  

  1. Did you know Springfield Animal Shelter rescues 1,000+ animals each summer? We can’t do it without your support – Donate $10 today! #MondayFUNDay
  2. Just $10 provides a day of shelter and dinner for someone in our community. Can you give $10 today to support a homeless neighbor? #TensForDCShelter
  3. I support @DCShelter – learn how they’re putting an end to homelessness in our city #FriendsOfDCShelter #FriendFriday #FollowFriday

Educate your community – Share statistics, stories and historical details about your organization.  Short, quick bits that inform and pique curiosity.

Ask for easy and fun volunteer help – People want to relax and enjoy their summer, so give your supporters some ways to pitch in that require little effort or that are perfect for summertime.

  1. Outdoor projects? Maybe some sprucing up outdoors isn’t a major priority, but perhaps a special appeal to your supporters will elicit their help because who doesn’t want to be outdoors in beautiful weather?
  2. Ask for virtual volunteers.  Do you have some projects that volunteers can do while sitting poolside or while they travel?  Ask for someone to create a social media ambassador program!
  3. Survey your community.  If you need feedback or suggestions, a short 2-minute survey is easy to fill out and can provide some impetus for small change at your organization.

Spur excitement about fall/winter events with ‘Save the Date’ posts – Share some of last year’s best event photos and get people excited to save the date for your organization’s fall/winter events.

Be grateful – Share your appreciation through regular ‘thank you’s’ to volunteers and donors.  Highlight their impact via emails or social media. Again, create a special hashtag, for example: #summerofthanks #DCShelterThanks

Whatever you do, just be sure to DO SOMETHING this summer.  Your supporters want to be part of something special, they want a relationship with your organization.  Keep in touch and be present!

Looking for an easy way to get recurring donors on board that’s affordable for them and impactful for you?  Learn about roundup fundraising here!