How We Partner

Partnership Pillars

Our mission is to provide powerful technology, resources, and expertise to supplement existing development efforts providing massive growth with no risk or investment.


Comprehensive Solutions

Prioritizing results

CaringCent understands the goal of every development team and project is generating support and ultimately revenue. Intelligence and insights are an integral part of what we do, but every process is geared toward providing more efficient revenue results for our partners through more fundraising options.

Comprehensive Partnership

Adaptable and Collaborative

Plug in where we can make impact

Collaborative approach informed by your goals and unique opportunities. Our unique offerings and deep understanding of the industry allows for a customized approach to each of our partnerships.



Smart and scalable

CaringCent’s tech is the backbone of the partnership. These technologies allow a scalable approach to increasing leads, better understanding donor bases, communicating more frequently, and targeting leads on an individual basis.

Expertise and Horsepower

More teamwork - more solutions

CaringCent adds a skilled team and proven engagement and fundraising technology experts to the development teams of our partners. Our team will concept a solution, execute the plan, and deliver dollars to your bottom line while your staff continues to do what they do best.


Partnership Alignment

All upside

CaringCent’s partnership model does not require upfront expense or ongoing financial risk. This means increased development revenue without risk. 

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