Bringing Passion, Expertise and Random Fan Knowledge to College Athletics 

How we got here
Established in 2016, CaringCent began with solving the problem of new donor acquisition by developing donation technologies that accommodate the unique giving preferences of segmented audiences. We quickly realized that most existing donor rosters are “stale” and that our full impact could not be fully realized unless we helped organizations tap into the massive potential available from “former donors” and via their social media followings.

Our approach
Informed and inspired by proven approaches from big brand customer acquisition strategies, and following known and successful fundraising fundamentals they previously deployed in the nonprofit world, CaringCent has developed a program customized specifically for the college athletics audience. This program uses proven methodologies to convert athletic departments’ vast social media following into known, segmented audiences, and alongside departments’ lapsed donor lists, engage these leads and funnel them to revenue opportunities.

What we do
College athletic department’s development efforts exhibit two primary core competencies: major gift pursuit and in-market annual fund/scholarship fund management. With a team of college athletics veterans, CaringCent maximizes the in-house success of existing core competencies while activating and closing new donations on scale from your national audience through intelligent technology and skilled service