Caringcent methodology


Development Through Intelligence

CaringCent offers technology and expert service enabling a smarter approach to development and additional revenue. CaringCent is the most comprehensive partner in the industry providing both insights and action. 


Why we are different.


Insights and Expertise

With a background in philanthropy and experience in donorship motivators and behavior, CaringCent provides the insights and strategy allowing for a more thoughtful development approach. Our method allows partners to connect with more donors more frequently more efficiently 

Revenue Delivery

Intelligence is powerful, but solutions are paramount. CaringCent’s technology and process produce revenue from insights.  As the industry’s most comprehensive partner, CaringCent delivers real dollars to its partners. 

Proprietary Technology

CaringCent has developed scalable and smart technology throughout the development funnel. CaringCent’s social media conversion processes, segmenting and screening leads technology, and fundraising technology will unlock substantial revenue upside for its partners. 


More ways to donate.

In addition to the HOT leads CaringCent will continually provide to partner’s teams, we will uncover and find thousands of new leads that do not fall into a major gift or annual fund category while maintaining tremendous giving potential in aggregation. CaringCent has developed many customizable donation technologies that meet the giving preferences of these groups. 


Instant Offense

Together with partners, CaringCent leverages our technology to create custom fundraising campaigns targeted at specific donors to generate new donation dollars. 

Social Conversion

Silent fans to smart leads.

Social media provides an avenue to a ripe, passionate base of individuals ready to support their favorite programs. The only problem is their social media handles don’t translate to dollars.

CaringCent works together with partners to create engaging campaigns toat convert these unknown followers into “SMART known leads.” This method enables delivery of data and names that allows us to reach out to these leads in a way more likely to lead to a donation.


Screening and Segmenting

New leads to an actionable strategy.

Through CaringCent’s intelligent tech, we automatically wealth screen and segment all leads, making them useful for partner’s development teams and any fundraising campaigns. Targeting and tailoring the message based on wealth/ability to give, location and interest empower solicitation of major gifts and annual fun membership. 


A tailored message and cadence for every lead.

CatingCent’s team of development experts leverage powerful email technology and ongoing content to generate custom email engagement for all leads. Driven by our smart lead type, this ongoing interaction with your lead list to move them along the donor journey through a customized yet scaleable approach.

Email Engagement

Ongoing Tracking

Delivering a SCORCHING HOT lead.

CaringCent’s technology tracks engagement and intelligently identifies when it’s the right time to reach out and maximize the gift with minimal effort from partner teams. As a lead moves along the engagement continuum, our technology will flag when and how that specific person should be contacted on the way to a gift! 

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