When running a successful nonprofit, your relationship with your donors can’t just be about an exchange of donations and thank-you letters. While this is the case for many organizations, you will yield much greater results – and your donors will feel more deeply connected to your mission – if you can find a way to meaningfully engage with them. 

An easy way to do this is to set up a campaign that automates interaction between you and your donors and to make it fun for them in the process.

Donors typically contribute because they care about a particular cause. You can make the process more fun, and more engaging, for them by tying donations directly to your organization’s accomplishments. One way to do this is by using micro-pledges. To set up micro-pledges, donors choose a small amount to donate every time your organization completes an activity. This works best if you choose something that you do frequently and is directly tied to your mission.

Here are some examples of the types of campaigns that tie-in giving to specific goals and help donors to feel more deeply engaged:

For an animal shelter, a donor could contribute $0.50 for every dog sheltered in the month.

For a sports team, a donor could contribute $1 every time the team scores.

For an environmental nonprofit, a donor could contribute $5 for every 20 pounds of trash collected.

For a literacy program, a donor could contribute $0.75 for every book collected.

The great thing about micro-pledges is that you can tailor them to your organization. You can set a designated amount ($0.15 in honor of the organization’s 15th anniversary, perhaps), or let the donor choose the amount they give.

Launching a micro-pledge campaign helps you generate more funds, while also actively engaging your donors in your progress. An engaged donor is more likely to be a repeat donor. This type of giving will also help your donors meet their initial goals for donating – a sense of doing something good for others, and having a measurable impact.

As an added benefit, this type of engagement provides donors with insight into the work you’re doing, and how their funds are being used. Transparency is incredibly important for the success of your nonprofit. These types of campaigns are fun for donors, while also offering transparency into how the money is supporting your mission.  

When donors tie their giving to specific achievements, it provides a strong link between contributions and your organization’s results. This link can lead to donors having a stronger relationship with your organization, making them a reliable source of funding for years to come.

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