Chances are, no one in your organization has stood up and cheered over a $0.75 donation. But what if that donation was a recurring micro-pledge – a small amount tied to something specific that your nonprofit does on a weekly or monthly basis? Instead of being just a small donation, that recurring micro-pledge can add up over time and add even more value by getting your donors to rally around your cause on a regular basis. 

Micro-pledges offer flexibility to your organization, as well. They are typically part of a specific campaign, where the organization chooses the activity. (It’s a good idea to choose something that you do regularly each month.) For example, an animal shelter may set up micro-pledges for every dog they shelter in a month. A sports team may set up pledges for every goal that is scored in a game. 

Micro-pledges can also help your organization build relationships by engaging donors in different ways, and creating a natural, meaningful increase in communication. When setting up a micro-pledge, it’s a good idea to send your donors a monthly email that summarizes their pledge and what you achieved with that amount of money.  

The great thing about micro-pledges is that they can be tailored to your organization. We recommend having donors commit to a small amount and tie it to an activity your organization performs frequently, that is also closely tied to your mission. An environmental group may ask for donors to pledge $1 per pound of trash collected. A spay/neuter facility may suggest $0.50 for every procedure performed. You can also set the pledge amount to tie in with some element of your nonprofit. For example, if your organization was founded in 1985, maybe you want the donation amount to be $0.85. 

The bottom line: micro-pledges add up. When you look at patterns in how people donate, recurring donations (even micro-pledges) are significantly more valuable than one-time donations. One of the best ways to increase your overall donations is to cultivate relationships with ongoing donors. And, what better way than providing consistent feedback to donors based on your activities and their pledges.

By setting up a micro-pledge campaign, you make it easy for people to donate, while also showing the real impact of your mission.

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