Love is in the air at CaringCent!  We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share some tips on how to romance your donors. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to be kind and generous to your donors and remind them how much they mean to your nonprofit.

#1 – Use social media to put your nonprofit’s heart on display

One great way to reach donors on Valentine’s Day is via your social media networks. Create a graphic for your social page in order to catch your donors’ attention. You can even take it a step further and come up with a clever hashtag to help promote the holiday and your nonprofit. Here are a couple examples of social media posts to remind their donors’ they are loved:

#2 – Send your donors a personal Valentine

Think back to simpler times when your biggest concern was how many “Cowabunga! Be my Valentine?” cards showed up on your desk. One way to reach your donors is to channel your inner 3rd grader and create a hand-made V-day card to send them. If you don’t have time to bust out the hole-punch and construction paper, you many opt to send a Valentine’s email.  This email can as simple as a recycle of the special graphic you created for social media (see #1) with a quick note thanking them, or simply just the note!  The idea is that you are thinking of the donor and appreciating what they contribute to your cause.

#3 – Deliver a gift

Everyone loves feeling special on Valentine’s Day and your donors are no different! If you love to bake, hand-deliver a basket of baked goods to your donors. Check out these delicious recipes from Martha Stewart. If baking isn’t your thing, then use what skills you or a member of your staff have to create a personal and creative gift to give to your donors—doodle sketches, origami animals, friendship bracelets.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just something to let your donors know you are thinking of them.  Surprise and delight them!

#4 – Create a Valentine’s Day graphic to display on your website or social media profile

This is a great way to make a first and lasting impression when donors visit your site. Create a V-day graphic that fits into your nonprofit brand and include it at the top of your website as well as your social media profiles. It can be a graphic thanking donors, or letting all your constituents know how much you appreciate them. Make it fun and attention-grabbing!

#5 – Make a spontaneous phone call

With the lost art of voice interaction due to text messaging and emails, here’s an idea: pick up the phone. That’s right, use those digits to dial your donors’ phone number and let them hear your voice. This is a great activity for board members and staff!  Split up the list and invite everyone in for a calling party, complete with candy hearts and pink balloons!  Call your donors to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day and personally thank them for their generous contributions and big heart.

#6 – Create a “home” movie

Another great way to get the staff involved is to create a simple video like the one below from charity: water, with handmade valentines featuring your donors’ names. Get the staff together for an arts and crafts session to create these valentines—a great team building exercise!  Put on some music, film the results, and for bonus points, send out those valentines via old-school mail to the donors featured on them!


Bonus #7 –  Don’t forget your volunteers!

This is also a great time to use any of the above to let your volunteers know they are loved and appreciated!

Whatever you decide, remember the reason for the season and make sure to give love this Valentine’s Day!