Two weeks since the last post. My apologies. Or perhaps you enjoyed the reprieve. If so, you’re welcome. Much has happened since we last visited your browser’s doorstep. My Chicago White Sox are officially done, losing 2 out of 3 to the dreaded Cubs. My kids are back to school. I’ve gained another 5lbs. And, we’re receiving a daily dose of non-profit pre-registrations through the web-site. If you do math, we’ve received 1 pre-registration for every 0.2 lb I’ve gained +/- the square root of 3. (Sorry, I promise no more algebra but you parents of 7th graders- maybe this helps you with homework?)


As background, I’m no Internet savant. I do not claim to be Al Gore (who invented the internet, of course), nor though am I Senator Ted Stephens who so eloquently described the Internet as such. (If you want Jon Stewart’s offbeat take.)

But, I am that guy, admittedly, who when I made the transition from typewriter to computer in college, I saved my first term paper as Doc1.doc at the computer lab. You know how that story ends? To compensate for my technical and deficiencies otherwise, we’ve assembled a diverse and talented team at CaringCent. We have a proven technical team that has a great track record of creating compelling and secure technologies – despite the fact that our CTO is a Princeton alum. Our marketing team is skilled at helping you – our client – powerfully educate your donors and friends about the CaringCent rounding movement. And, you do not need a flyswatter for our sales team. We have seasoned professionals who will guide you through the process with accurate and objective information. Even our support folks are occasionally funny (from my experience – they almost never are).

So, why am I sharing this? Because companies are the sum of their people. Good people. Good product. Happy clients. And folks like you are validating that our team is indeed as good as we know they are. We’ve had more non-profits pre-register than we expected. But, most exciting, is the diversity of registrants. Take CompassionCent for example: our friends in Carbondale, Colorado at The Orchard – a very large church – signed up and are getting ready to roll. Big church. Great news. But, we also had a local church with less than 100 parishioners sign up – I’m talking to you Chelwood Church! Whatup Pastor Joe! Point being – our platform supports all shapes and sizes of non-profits. If you have minimal support staff, the platform is easy to set-up: you can do it while having your morning cheerios. Or, if you’re a complex organization, our technology easily plugs into your existing fundraising efforts. Same deal with We had a large private university sign-up this week (they’re too cool to let us release their name yet) while we also had Sandia Prep, a small private secondary school take the plunge.   For the record, my alma mater, THE Brother Rice High School was the first school to get on board the SchoolCent train. Go Crusaders. Beat Marist! For Those Who Serve Soccer Game. Again, don’t be scared. This is easy, fun, secure and rewarding – for you and your donors.

Until next week, please do this for us. Take note of how many times you’re solicited at checkout counters in person or online to make a donation, either through rounding or by adding a $1.00. Think about how many times that happens across your donor base.

Let us know what you find.