Your small change means big change for homeless pets:

Take theChange4Pets Spay/Neuter Nickel Pledge!

Do you want to help homeless and at-risk pets automatically?

With our Change4Pets Nickel Pledge, you can!

Change4Pets is a fun and convenient way to celebrate the impact you make on New Mexico’s pets every day!  Since our Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic opened to the public in 2007, spay/neuter surgeries have been a priority. We perform thousands of spay/neuter surgeries each year. It is one of the most important — and life-saving — services our Clinic team provides. Not only can these surgeries reduce a pet’s chances of developing certain cancers and infections, they are an integral part of reducing pet overpopulation.
When you take the Change4Pets Nickel Pledge, your generous donation of $.05 per spay/neuter surgery we perform will support our Friends of the Clinic fund — ensuring that we are able to continue providing this valuable service to shelter and owned pets in New Mexico.

How it Works:

With our Change4Pets Nickel Pledge you can easily support our dog and cat spay/neuter efforts. When you take the pledge, you agree to give a nickel (yes, just $0.05) for each spay or neuter surgery we perform in a month.  At the end of each month, we’ll total up the number of spay/neuter surgeries performed, and you’ll donate $.05 x the number of surgeries.  For example, if we perform 250 surgeries in a month your donation will be just $12.50 (250 X $.05).
It’s not a fixed amount, you may donate a bit more when we have a busy month and some months you may donate a bit less.  But, through our monthly reports, you’ll always be aware of the good impact you are making on pet health and overpopulation.
You always have control of your purposeful donations to our Friends of the Clinic fund. You can access your donation history, make changes to your account and even set a cap on your donation amount so that supporting homeless pets is always within your budget.

I’m taking the Change 4Pets Nickel Spay/Neuter Pledge!

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